Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3
The third part of the much awaited Spiderman film is coming to theaters this May. What makes spiderman 3 different from the rest of Marvel’s numerous adaptated films? Simply because Spiderman has captured the hearts of everyone when it’s first movie came out. Played by Toby Maguire, he has given justice to the role of Spiderman. With a twist of action, suspence, romance and a touch of humor, this movie fits into the taste of everybody, both young and adults.

We’ve all been tangled up by his web when we first saw Spiderman movie. Like the first movie, this is an origin tale. It tells how the nerd Peter Parker (played by Toby Maguire) was bitten by ‘not ordinary’ spider which gave him the spider-like abilities. This movie escapes the feel of other origin stories because it focuses on characters.

But what makes Spiderman movie such an enduring hero? Simply because Peter Parker faces the same sort of problems as the readers. He was shy and awkward specially when he’s around the girl he secretlt love — Mary Jane Watson (played by Kirsten Dunst). He’s also facing other complicated relationships and problems of his own — his job particularly. Spiderman could never be anyngthing other than a masked Peter Parker who has lots of abilities. His problems never ever leaves his side, some of them became complicated most of the time.

Spiderman movie has all the web-swinging special visual effects and battles that everyone will surely want. This movie covers the story of Peter’s transformation, not only emotionally but physically as well. He does not just become a super hero but he becomes a man. We all watch as he develop a moral sense.

And now, the third part is coming our way, facing more battle and survival. What’s with the suit that influences Peter Parker to bring out his darker and vengeful sidecomes overconfident that he’s been struggling to control? His costume has now changed into black and have the ability to enhance his powers. Peter became overconfident and started to desert the people who cares about him — his family, friends and even the love of his life, with the influence of the suit.

Spiderman must choose between the power of the new suit and the kindhearted hero he was once. He must defeat his personal demons if he wanted to save his life and everyone he loves againts the most-feared villains: Sandman and Venom.

Spiderman 3 with Venom is coming to theathers this May. Don’t miss the third part of the most talked about movie in town.

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